Chapter 10: The voices and Dejà'vu

Tùy Chỉnh

-I do not agree, why did he decide this without telling me first. I will not go home if he don't cancel this marriage- Enix
-You can't disobey our father, this is the best thing for you and for the villagers- Akai
-What about you?- Enix
-We can, but he says no one can rule the village except you, but........- Kiran
-But what?- Enix
-If you tell us what you do here and why you do not want to go to the throne. Then we will talk to him.
Enix is lying on the bed, thinking what her sisters say, if it makes her stay there, it can only be a strange feeling. Something has urged her to come here.

She did not want to think anymore, she got up and took her cloak and she could feel the cloak she was wearing, as if covering her. Currently at 5:00 am, she gently steps out of the Academy but does not know that someone has seen her and quietly followed.

Breathing deeply, she put her hands on her chest, then the cloak glowed. She took two fans out, she lifted her right leg up high then she began to dance. The dance she could feel it, every step she took was a fire appeared then she cut her right foot into a circle of fire, she jumped so high the fire wrapped together then hatched and burst out lost. She set her feet on the ground very softly and sighed:

-This power..........too much...........i need..........if someone is comforting me. It's hurt, so much- She hugged herself
When the sun is up, everyone is ready for the fight. Enix is different, she wants to help her teammates but her family does not let her go because they fear she will die on the battlefield, it makes her feel so guilty. She sat on the bench in the backyard of the school, suddenly someone stepped into her future fiancee, Vanal, who sat next to her but kept a certain distance:

-During this time, why do not we get to know each other a little bit? Heard about me being your future fiance seems a little surprised?
-Maybe a little.
-Miss Enix, why do not we go around the school? I do not know how this place is hoping for you to guide me.
When they both stand up, Enix guides Vanal and introduces him to the school, when she passes Class Zero she hits the front man. Loss of her balance is about to fall, there are two arms to catch her, one hand is holding his waist while the other is holding her belly, Enix looks up to see Ace is holding her waist while Vanal holds her belly:

-Um thank you.........i mean all of you.....
-Hey, can you let go my wife now.
-Hm whatever
Ace removed his arm from her waist and walked away with his class, Enix looked at Class Zero and felt they were still angry at her. But no other way, once you know the truth is difficult to forgive.

As they walked to the Chocobos Ranch, Enix felt a bit more comfortable:

-This is my favorite place in the school.
-I feel that you have a pretty interesting hobby.
-Well, not really exciting.
-Miss Enix, can you tell me about your future dream? It seems a bit ungainly but as a fiancé, I can help my future wife.
-P-Please do not say that- Enix feels a little embarrassed, as Vanal calls her a future wife
-Ha ha, did i make you blush under your mask?
-Maybe...........Well, my future is a normal life. Where I can live without being constrained by my family. How about you?
-Me? My future dream is that I have an exciting adventure without being constrained by my family too- As the two of them were talking, Izana saw it
When everyone comes back from the batterfield, as usual Ace goes to the Chocobos Ranch to take care of the Chocobos. Izana waved at him and walked over:

-Come on again? Hey, do you know the Miqo'te girl from your class?
-What's wrong with her? She is no longer a member of my class
-What happened?
-Nothing important.
-I saw her talk to that fiancée, they looked so close to each other. As if they were a real couple.

-Just because they are the same? Ears and horns.
-Not only are they the same, they simply empathize for each other's feelings.
-I...............I'm leaving.
-Why so early?
Enix looked at everything around her, she did not know where she was going, she saw the light in front. Starting to run fast, she kept running and running she tried to run to that light, but as she ran the light went farther, and disappeared ........... until she hear the voice:
(Just stay out my way)
                                                                          (Come on, Light!)
                 (The heroes always win!)
                                                                                                                 (Keep it together)
     (Nice timing)
                                         (Give it your best shot!)
                                                                                                           (I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not)
             (Oblivion is the fate of all things)
-Stop it, just stop it- Many voices made her feel a headache, she covered her ears but the voice is louder
She continued screaming "Stop it" and struggled, but did not know that she was letting her strength burst into terrible heat. Her brother and sister are trying to stop her, or she will burn Academia, Arecia and Vanal there with them to support them. While everyone is sleeping except for Class Zero, they stand behind the door to see:
-Pinned her down!- Akai
-I'm trying, but is too hot!- Vanal
-HELP ME, HELP ME, NO NO NO DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND!!!! I DON'T WANT TO BE ALONE!!!!- Enix started to shout louder, she struggled harder.
-Karin, Arecia NOW!- Akai
Karin and Arecia use their power to calm her down, her strength disappears, she is relieved, her sweat is flowing, she slowly opens her eyes, tears from her eyes she looks at them:

-Big brother Akai...........Big sister Karin..........Vanal..........Arecia.......I'm........I'm so sorry........
-It's okay, everything is fine now- Karin hug her sister
-Having a nightmare?- Akai
-Yes, I dreamed that dream again. The voices, the deja'vu, I have the feeling that I was there. I feel like I've experienced it, but it's very ambiguous. My strength is more and more powerful deja'vu appear more. I'm scared............I do not want to have this power, why me?
She started to cry again, she was afraid she did not know what to do. Everyone they are away from her, she feels alive until the day she dies she will continue like this, no one is with her.

Author: Well, hope you like this. I want to tell you about Final Fantasy, everyone knows Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystalis? I want to write the connection between XIII, Type-0 and XV.