Đọc Truyện [Winner | Minyoon] Only naughty boys need to be punished

Đọc Truyện [Winner | Minyoon] Only naughty boys need to be punished

Tác giả: Mahblues

Đọc Truyện

"Tôi tin là em cần được dạy dỗ lại, Kang Seungyoon."

Series các fic Minyoon mình đã và đang viết. Quote trên nằm trong truyện thứ 15.

Mục lục (về cơ bản)

I. In Heaven
• Mino was an innocent Angel when he first met Seungyoon.

II. Nossa Favela (2 parts)
• They call Rio de Janeiro A Cidade Maravilhosa. But to Mino, it is not.

III. I thought you needed some helps? (4 parts)
• When Seunghoon decided that he should help his friend a bit, maybe something kind of giving Seungyoon to Mino?

IV. Pricked (2 parts)
• He never thinks loving a person who won't love him back can be this hurt. It so hurts that he can't even breathe normally back again.

V. The Princess and her Servant
• Johnny has a babo master but she still loves him so much

VI. Do you want to be caught (2 parts)
• What's wrong if Mino likes some weird kinks in sex, everything is still fine if it's not daddy kink right?

VII. Our many things
• When their littlest things suddenly were reminded.

VIII. The tailor shop 32nd street in New York (2 parts)
• And from now on Mino could sleep peacefully because he did have Seungyoon's heart. Forever.

IX. Inhuman Heart (12 parts)
• Mino was not what Seungyoon wanted, he was just a pitiful failure, made from many parts of Alphas' bodies.

X. At an unknown named coffee store in Paris (2 parts)
• They all need you, but how about me, Mino? I also need you...

XI. I like you (2 parts)
• What should Mino do if he is helplessly in love with his maknae leader?

XII. Red moon
• He always comes when the moon turns red.

XIII. La tua facial (Your face)
• I am in love with all the curves of your face

XIV. Be erased
• He loved him, although he couldn't remember him.

XV. Only naughty boys need to be punished
• I believe that you need to learn some manners, just for your own good Kang Seungyoon